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What’s in my camera bag ?

Money can’t buy you happiness but It can buy you camera gear, and that is pretty much same thing.

Lots of fellow photographers ask me that what camera,lenses and lights I use for my work

As many of you knows that I am working as wedding,portrait and product photographer so my kit is full of variety of gears.

I am listing it my all gears here.

I have multiple camera bodies for multiple uses ranging from 24 MP to 42 MP depending on my scope of work, I use SONY system for 3 years and I just love the dynamic range and functionality it gives me. For travel purposes I carry my small RX100Miii for portability.

This is my go to lens anytime for portraits. I love this lens , You will see 80% time mounted this lens on my camera.
This lens if bokeh king and low light beast. This is the sharpest and quickest portrait lens I am using right now.
My favourite lens when I am shooting weddings, Amazing low light performance and 1.4F gives killer sharpness and speed.
When I have to carry minimal equipment or have to shoot with limited equipments, This is my top choice, from wide environmental portraits to bokelicious pictures , this lens is package for all.
This lens opens up a whole new perspective , My choice for widest to mid range lens.
Super bright,Super light and super sharp.I use this lens majorly in weddings.
This is best mid telephoto lens you can own in Sony, Its tiny but speed and sharpness are unmatchable.

Apart from this my bag contains lots of chargers and batteries to keep my camera going, A bunch of cables/USB and card readers,Cleaning kit,Camera straps,13 Inch Macbook Pro,12.9 Inch Ipad and lots of memory cards.